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Michael Mortensen

Michael Mortensen

Purchasing Manager

Phone: +4573121329

EMS, outside Denmark
Eastern Europe

Electro Mechanics
Display, PC-Boards PC – Boards, SS - DS and Multilayer

Claus Thomsen

Claus Thomsen

Strategic Purchaser

Phone: +4573121321

Silicone Parts, Plastic Parts, Tooling for Plast

Mechanical parts, Profiles and metal parts, Motors, Tooling for Mechanical Parts 

Electro Mechanics
Transformers, Switches

Cables and Sensors
Cables - Wires, Cable harnesses

Kim Nyborg

Kim Nyborg

Strategic Purchaser

Phone: +4573121387

Power Electronics, Transistors, Integrated circuits, Diodes, Z-diodes, Rectifiers, Triac, Semiconductors, Microprocessors

Electro Mechanics
Relays, Potentiometers, Batteries, Fuses

Tina Neitzel

Tina Neitzel

Strategic Purchaser/ Strategic Purchasing Coordinator

Phone: +45 73121333

Electrolytic caps., X-Tal and Resonators, Resistors, Capacitors, LED, Thermistors

Electro Mechanics
Terminal blocks, Connectors

Material and Tooling for Packing; Labels and User Manuals

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