We look forward to meeting you at ISH, 14 - 18 March 2017

Welcome to a 360º HVAC experience. Get introduced to the complete range of high quality products and dedicated service

We take a 360° approach to the ventilation business. This means that you can get everything you need for electronic ventilation control from one supplier. 

At OJ Electronics we have spent four decades providing and perfecting control for different ventilation applications, e.g. air handling units, rooftop fans, plug fans, box fans and rotary heat exchangers - and we got it all lined up for you at ISH.

Visit our booth and learn more about how we can strengthen your business with efficient and reliable solutions.

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 Jesper Kastrup

Export manager, HVAC

Tel: +45 30 58 76 53



Jesper Jacobsen

Export manager, HVAC

Tel: +45 40 48 24 33



 Lars Tang Jørgensen

Export Manager, Drives

Tel: +45 21 59 16 34



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For more than 50 years, we have designed and developed electronic controls for underfloor heating and HVAC.


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