OJ Drives now available in power sizes 11.0 kW and 15.0 kW

Our range of drives dedicated for ventilation systems has been extended with two variants. The range of drives now comprises 12 output variants (from 0.5 to 15.0 kW) fitted in four different enclosures to match any rooftop fan, plug fan or AHU application. The new variants come with a three-phase supply connection.

The range of drives give our clients smart and flexible solutions that can be configured to maximise the efficiency of any ventilation system.

Easy installation and integration are ensured due to:

  • Different option modules can be added inside the housing
  • Mounting inside or outside the airflow
  • Vertical, horizontal, flat or sideways mounting

Flexible design
By adding different modules, OJ Drives® is suitable for any fan system. With the installation flexibility, the drives can be mounted inside or outside the airflow. When mounted inside the airflow, the 45° angled cooling ribs secure airflow through the cooling ribs at almost any mounting orientation.

The OJ-DV can even control three motor types; AC Inductance Motor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and Brushless DC motor                                    


Fully integrated EMC filter

The OJ-DV series comes with a fully integrated EMC filter. The complete product range incl. the 11kW and 15kW variants meets norms for emissions and immunity in industrial and residential areas EN 61800-3 (C1 and C2 class).


Features of the OJ-DV series:

  • 12 power variants
  • 4 housing sizes
  • IM, PM and BLDC motors
  • Operation from -40° to +50°
  • Energy efficient
  • User-friendly connection

OJ Drives fitted in four different enclosures

There is much more to explore. Visit our website for details or access technical documentation via the OJ-DV product section.

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