New interface option for OJ Air2 systems

A new, compact and simple touchscreen user interface has been added to the OJ Air2 range – which means that AHU manufacturers can now get their complete electrical system from a single supplier. The new touchscreen interface gives users easy access to simple control features. The OJ-Air2-HMI-20T interface is available now.


Gives everyday users the control they need
The new 2” control panel allows users to adjust temperature setpoints and fan speed. “Our customers requested a simple, modern control interface for everyday users,” says product manager Jens Antonsen from OJ Electronics, “and the new 2” HMI is all about simple control. It is ideal for all buildings where trained users might want to adjust the settings of the entire ventilation system from a single interface. For example, it is excellent for kindergartens, schools, service stations and similar.”

Compact and intuitive
Created for end-users, the new panel is designed to be entirely intuitive. “Using the touchscreen comes naturally to anyone who’s ever used a smartphone. The screen shows the current temperature, fan speed – and indicates any alarms. Users can adjust the temperature setpoint and fan speed, which are clearly indicated by the icons on the screen.”

Instant installation
Attention has been paid to making installation easy installation easy: “Our engineers  made a unit with plenty of advantages for AHU system designers: it clicks in place in moments thanks to the QuickPlug™ Modbus connection – and there is no need to fiddle around with DIP switch settings.

One-stop shopping
Jens points to easy logistics and system integration as another advantage of the new interface: “Having the 2” HMI means that we no longer need to refer our OJ Air2 customers to other manufacturers for simple interfaces: now, they can get everything they need from a single supplier, which makes for much simpler handling all round.”

Supplements existing interface
The new 2” version can be considered a smaller, simpler version of the 3.5” interface launched by OJ Electronics last year. “You can include both models in your system if you wish,” explains Jens. “Many might want to have the simple 2” version installed in an office or similar and the 3.5” model in the technical room, where service technicians can use it to access more sophisticated options.”

The OJ-Air2-HMI-20T in brief

  • Fully compatible/integrated in OJ Air2 systems
  • Colour touchscreen
  • QuickPlug™ Modbus installation – fast and easy
  • No DIP switch setting required
  • User-friendly, intuitive operation
  • Measures room temperature
  • Allows users to choose ventilation setting and temperature setpoint
  • Shows current temperature, ventilation setting and alarm

For more details, please visit our OJ Air2 website.

If you are looking for a data sheet, please visit the OJ-Air2-HMI-20T product page.

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