Launching single-phase 1.3 kW ventilation drive

OJ Electronics has expanded its OJ DV range with a single-phase ventilation drive that can be placed outside the airflow in ventilation systems – and maintain 1,300 W shaft power even at +40˚C. The new H1x 1.3 kW drive is ideal for installations where phase load sharing is handled manually, and for refurbishment projects where only single-phase supply is available.

OJ Drives now available in single-phase power size 1.3 kW
Our OJ DV product range of drives dedicated to ventilation systems has been extended with a thirteenth  variant in the single-phase supply range.  The new OJ DV-1013 has a larger housing than the existing H1 variant. This enables placement outside the airflow, thereby making installation very flexible. The unit is self-cooling: its large cooling ribs ensure sufficient cooling without the need of airflow through the ribs, which means that  you get 1,300 W shaft power up to ambient temperatures of  +40˚C. 

Ideal for manual phase load sharing and low supply ranges
Manual handling of phase load sharing is widely used in livestock house applications to ensure continuous ventilation even in cases where a grid/supply phase is lost. This ability is highly rated when designing a new livestock farm. So too is the wide supply voltage range, especially in the low end of the spectrum. The OJ DV single-phase products can deliver full power down to a supply voltage of 190V and will continue to spin the motor down to a supply voltage of 160V. 

Single-phase supply: excellent for refurbishment of older buildings
Older buildings in particular are not always equipped with a three-phase supply installation, and changing the supply installation can be difficult when refurbishing. Therefore a single-phase drive with higher shaft power will be an attractive offering for many clients.

The new H1x OJ DV variant has all the benefits of the OJ DV range:

  • Flexible design
  • Operation from -40 to +50 degrees
  • Energy efficient
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • User-friendly connection

You can find technical information about the OJ DV product range here.

Feel free to contact your OJ Electronics sales representative for further information. 

Jesper Kastrup
Export Manager 

Jesper Jacobsen
Export Manager

Lars Tang Jørgensen
Export Manager  

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