Software update adds new benefits to OJ Air2 systems

A software update for the popular OJ Air2 system gives system designers new benefits such as easier BACnet integration, the option to monitor more AHU filters by means of pressure transmitters, a gas heater function, improved ice protection and more cost-efficient system design.

The new software update in brief

  • Upgraded to become an Advanced Application controller (B-AAC) – ensuring simpler, faster system integration
  • Allows up to four AHU filters to be monitored with pressure transmitters
  • Allows for pressure-controlled ice protection for cross flow and counter flow heat recovery
  • Gas heater function for simpler, better integration
  • Fully integrates dual pressure transmitter for a more economical set-up

Below you can find more details about the new software update and its benefits.

Simpler BACnet integration – because you asked for it!
The BACnet profile has been upgraded from an Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) to become an Advanced Application controller (B-AAC) with BTL listing and certificate. Among the new interoperability building blocks you will find Scheduling, Alarm & Event management and BACnet Broadcast Management (BBMD). All this makes BACnet integration simpler and cheaper for system integrators.

Want to use pressure transmitters with four filters? We’ve got you covered.
Prior to this update, the system allowed two filters inside the AHU to be monitored by means of pressure transmitters. This has now been extended to four filters in total.

Makes heat recovery more effective
Cross flow and counter flow heat recovery can now be protected against ice based on pressure measurement rather than temperature. This ensures greater heat recovery overall because the exhaust temperature can in fact be lower than 0 degrees Celsius without any risk of the heat exchanger being blocked by ice. Enabling pressure-based ice protection ensures that heat recovery will not be unnecessarily interrupted.

Want to use gas in your AHU system? Simpler than ever!
Gas is a popular and financially attractive source of heating in countries such as Russia, the Netherlands and the UK. The new gas heater function makes it much easer to integrate gas in AHU systems while also making operation significantly smoother and more efficient.

Measuring duct pressure just got cheaper
The upgrade ensures that the dual differential pressure transmitter PTH-6202-2 is now fully integrated in the system – thereby giving system designers access to a very cost-efficient solution when they need to measure pressure in the supply air/exhaust ducts. And with two sensor inputs you can measure temperatures too.

The new update is available now.

For additional information, please contact:
Jens B. Antonsen, Product Manager, AHU Controllers
Tel: +45 73 12 13 38
Email: JBA@OJ.DK

- or visit the OJ-Air2 website


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