OJ GreenZoneTM Systems Updated – New Functions Added

Update brings you new functions and benefits

OJ Electronics is launching a new OJ GreenZoneTM software update that adds new functions to the OJ GreenZoneTM system for VAV zone control. These new functions are directly inspired by our customers’ day-to-day work. Some give system designers new opportunities: for example, you can now connect individual VAV dampers to up to fifty supply air diffusers in a single large room, allowing you to use smaller ducts. Other functions bring savings to end-users, such as the hotel mode function and the new pre-programmed weekly cycle. The software update is integrated in new OJ GreenZoneTM controllers and can be installed in existing systems too.

Ditch the large VAV damper in large rooms

Up until now, large rooms have required a large common VAV damper in the duct for all supply air diffusers. With the new update you can use up to fifty supply air diffusers in the same room, each fitted with their own VAV damper. This reduces the requirements regarding duct size and the headroom above the ceiling tiles. You can still attach two VAV dampers to each Zone module – the new slave function ensures that all zone modules in the same room work together. You can also connect up to three room temperature sensors, allowing the average temperature in the room to be measured correctly.

New layout? Just change the setting.

The air control requirements inside a building can change several times over the course of its lifetime, for example when retail premises must be adapted to new occupants – or when changes in staffing require adjustments to the office set-up. For example, let’s say that a wall is torn down to turn two spaces into one. This would previously have required time-consuming – and costly – reprogramming of the BMS systems. But with the new slave function, all you need to do is to change the setting in the system’s built-in webserver. Much simpler – and much faster.

Return to standard settings with hotel mode

In hotel settings guests can adjust the comfort settings with the RPT-20T room panel: some will always want greater air circulation and a different temperature compared to the standard setting. This can generate unnecessary costs if more energy-consuming settings continue without actually being required. Now, you can choose hotel mode for individual rooms, ensuring that each room is automatically resent to its standard settings once every day.

Weekly cycles equal savings for schools and others!

Schools and similar sites can now save energy by using a new pre-programmed weekly cycle where each individual room/zone can be controlled independently. This weekly cycle is set directly in the system webserver, a fact that eliminates the risk of little fingers tampering with the settings: you won’t need to install room panels in the classrooms, but every room will still have the exact comfort levels you want it to have.

Export operating data

All data recorded during the last week of operation can now be exported directly into Excel. You can document comfort settings and levels in individual rooms with graphs from the spreadsheet – and this information can also be used to identify potential energy savings.

The new software update is available now.


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