OJ Touch thermostat UDG4 now available in black

The popular UDG4 touch thermostats will now also be available in black, allowing your clients to pick the version that best fits their interior design schemes.

Attractive design now comes in black
The UDG4 Touch thermostats have proven very popular – which is hardly surprising, given that they offer everything you expect from a smart touchscreen thermostat: intelligent, adaptive control and intuitive operation. But for many end-users, design is a major concern – if not the most important one of all. That’s why we’ve introduced a black version of this thermostat.

Subtle or dramatic?
Let the customer decide The UDG4 thermostats have attracted many with their simple, sleek design – they’re easy to fit unobtrusively into any interior. Now your customers get to choose: the new black version blends more seamlessly into interiors dominated by darker colors, where it becomes almost invisible. Of course, the choice between white and black allows users to play around with the various fixtures in their interior: do they want a subtle blending-in? Or dramatic contrasts? Now, they can get both.

All the benefits you know
Apart from the color, the new UDG4 thermostats have exactly the same functions as always:

  • 3.5” color screen with easy interactive touch control
  • New Easy Scheduling method and even easier on the fly changes
  • Track power consumption and save it to a PC with a few simple steps
  • Thermostat settings can be exported to web page for support
  • Universal compatibility with existing floor heating sensors.
  • Suitable for tile, stone, laminate, concrete and wooden floor
  • 5-year battery backup of clock and calendar
  • UDG4 with Class A GFCI
  • Industrial Design: USA - Design Patent No. D768092 Canada - Design Patent No. 161353
  • Now available in two colors: white or black

The black versions of the UDG4 thermostats will be in stock at our distribution facilities in March.

Part of a wide range of thermostats
The new, black version of the UDG4 is just part of a wide range of thermostats that covers every requirement – from pioneering systems with full Wi-Fi capabilities to very simple solutions that are perfect for traditionalists. Explore the range here: UWG4/AWG4, UDG4/ADG4, UTN4/ATN4, UDG and ADG.


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