Save up to 55% energy compared to simple heating control systems

Our OJ Waterline™ WLM3 system handles a range of different energy saving functions.

Heating solutions using modern piping, insulation and floor construction can mean significant energy, environmental and cost savings for homeowners.

  • Save 30% with individual room temperature control

Without individual room control, temperatures are often set higher than needed. By adjusting the energy needed to maintain independent indoor temperatures, energy savings can reach as high as 30%.

  • PI control benefits - save up to 20%  on energy

Simple ON/OFF thermostats have the tendency to over or undershoot the desired temperature by 1 to 2°C which means wasted energy. PI controlled thermostats adjust energy and maintain temperatures resulting in savings of up to 20%.

  • Outdoor temperature compensation - up to 10% in savings

Underfloor heating loses heat during transportation, and a higher supply water temperature means more energy loss.
Outdoor temperature compensation ensures that the supply water temperature is reduced to a minimum, while still maintaining the desired temperature. This has the possibility to create up to 10% additional savings.

  • 10% savings with temperature setback

It is more energy efficient to lower temperatures during the night or when rooms are unoccupied. Our system offers timebased temperature fluctuation based on your clients’ needs and can account for an additional 10% savings on average.

Compared to a system without the above features, the full combination of these in an OJ Waterline™ WLM3 system can save homeowners up to 55% in energy and costs.*

*Energy savings are compared to centrally controlled heating systems without individual room temperature control. They are made under the common assumption that every extra unnecessary degree adds 5-10% of wasted energy.

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