Intelligent temperature control

Our hydronic floor heating solution ensures the best possible comfort and reduces energy consumption.

The OJ Waterline™ WLM3 has been developed as a temperature control system for room heating and cooling, integrating switch of primary heating and cooling sources with precise control of water temperature and mixing devices.

The system has a number of built-in features, which makes it scalable for both domestic as well as large commercial installations. Used on its own or as part of a larger network, the WLM3 offers flexibility, ease of installation and cost saving benefits in every part of the installation and user proces.



  • Heating & cooling control in one on the same or two separate manifolds (e.g. divided ceiling and floor control)

  • Network communication for large applications – Support for more than 1800 zones

  • ModBus™ communication interface for Building Management Systems (BMS) and remote access through the FMS™ Gateway

  • High Power relay outputs for boiler and pump

  • A wide range of hardwired & wireless room controllers/sensors

  • Flexible installation combining hardwired and wireless connection

  • Safe 5 volt connection to hardwired room controllers/sensors

  • Optional dew point calculation on cooling systems to prevent condensation on floors

  • Optional outdoor temperature compensation with output for mixing valve


Download the WLM3 Masters product sheet for further information on Heating functions, Cooling functions, Room temperature control, Remote smart access and other technical details.

View this page to access technical information on our complete OJ Waterline™ WLM3 solution.

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