Basic Thermostat MTC2/MTD2 (Discontinued)

Basic Thermostat MTC2/MTD2

Ultra-Thin Thermostat with Display

Our ultra-thin thermostat with disply has state-of-the-art electronics inside and an attractive design outside: the perfect combination of form and function. It has an LCD display, which shows floor, room or set point temperature. The thermostat is intuitive and with an installation depth of only 18mm, it leaves more space for installing heating and power cables. Cage-clamp of OTN2 works like elevator and ensures perfect electrical contact without damaged or broken wires.

The thermostat can be mounted in bathrooms and other humid areas due to IP21 housing. Night setback mode is activated by external timer.

  • With built-in interrupter for convenient switching off at airing the room and at summer times

  • Built-in night setback via external timer and possibility for frost protection via rectifier and external timer

  • With digital display, making it easy to set the required floor or room temperature. Simple to use

  • If required, the offset can be adjusted and furthermore limited for max. or min. temperature

  • With limitation sensor. For optimal comfort avoiding cold tiles during spring and autumn, or as protection against damaging wooden floors

  • Electronic thermostat suitable for flush mounting in a standard wall socket

  • On/off control up to 3,600W, 16A


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