Ice and snow melting systems for all applications

OJ Winterline® systems

At OJ Electronics, we use our extensive experience and know-how with thermostats and sensors for continuous development of our wide range of OJ Winterline® controllers – the range of ice and snow melting systems that will keep pipes, driveways, roofs etc. safe during even the harshest winters. 

Save energy with intelligent sensing

Our ice/snow melt system starts when the outdoor temperature drops below the selected setting and the sensors  detects snow, ice or moisture. This way your system only uses energy when it is needed.  

Wide range of controllers

OJ offers controllers mountable  outdoors in the harsh nature as well as  other controllers handling  both electric and hydronic applications, giving system designers maximum flexibility. The characteristic of the entire product range is efficient ice and snow melting. Maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption.

Product Range
Product Range

Complete temperature control for hydronic floor heating

OJ Waterline™ Control system

The OJ Waterline™ system for hydronic floor heating and cooling systems is based on our many years of experience within the field. Here, you get industry-leading heating and cooling intelligence – and you can scale your solutions to suit everything from domestic installations to large commercial building installations. 

Compatible with any BMS set-up

Our Waterline™ Masters, room sensors and room controllers allow you to create a flexible system that is easy to install – and you can use this system to create wired or wireless set-ups as you wish. The OJ Waterline™ system supports any building management system (BMS) through the standard RTU MODBUS© interface

Remote access from anywhere

Through our gateway - OJ Floor Management System (FMS™) – the system can be accessed from anywhere.

Just connect the system to the internet, and it can be accessed through smart devices like tablets, smartphones and computers.  

Product range

WLM3 Masters

The heart of the system that ensures you the optimal intelligence to control both hydronic room heating and cooling. Very flexible, easy to install – and saves everyone money. 

WLM3 sensors and controllers

Available in wired, wireless, display and non-display variants to ensure maximum installer flexibility.

Floor Management System

The OJ FMS™ Gateway Module is a total user interface for flexible local and remote monitoring.

Wired and wireless communication

You can combine both hard-wired and wireless sensors with wireless or cable communication in the same system offering the perfect flexibility especially when expanding systems at a later time.

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Product Range

A wiring centre that makes installation simple and easy

EZC Microcenter 

The EZC microcenter is an electronic wiring centre suitable for connecting multiple room thermostats and electric actuators (thermosheads) in a hydronic underfloor heating system. They can be used with virtually all OJ thermostats to control up to eight rooms and the wiring centre includes a built-in power switch as well as outputs for pumps and boilers and input for night setback.

Easy to handle for all installers

The simplicity of this wiring centre appeals to many system designers and markets. For example, it is ideal for markets where installation staff are most comfortable with straightforward solutions: here, you get simple one-to-one (point-to-point?) cabling. Everything is basic, easy to install and makes perfect sense. The EZC wiring centre can be used with the majority of our thermostats. 

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Product Range

Ice and snow melting systems for both hydronic and electric applications

OJ ice and snow melting systems

At OJ Electronics, we have used our extensive experience with thermostats and sensors to develop a range of ice and snow melting systems that will keep pipes, driveways, roofs etc. safe during even the harshest winters. 

Save energy with intelligent sensing

Our ice/snow melt system will set in only when the outdoor temperature drops below the selected setting and the sensors actually detects snow or ice. This way your system only uses energy when it is needed. 

Can handle two zones simultaneously

Our ice and snow melting system can handle two systems at the same time. For example, you can use them to ensure efficient melting in gutters and a carpark area at the same time.  

For electric and hydronic systems

The OJ Electronics ice and snow melting system can be used both with electric  and hydronic systems, giving all system designers maximum flexibility. 

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Product Range
Product Range

Touchscreen Thermostats

OJ Microline® Touch Thermostats branding your business 

Having a high-quality control system is important for all floor heating solutions. The OJ Microline® Touch thermostats offer smart control in every sense of the word: the touchscreen gives users an attractive, intuitive interface, while installers get thermostats that are easy to install and require no service. As system integrator, you get technology that matches the rest of your solution perfectly – and won’t let you down.

Cutting-edge technology with minimum fuss

The innovative OJ Microline® Touch thermostats are constructed to the high quality standards you expect from OJ Electronics. Here, system integrators and installers get an adaptable and easy-to-apply solution that matches all their professional and technical needs: full compatibility, minimal field returns and happy end users.

In short, these touchscreen thermostats are ideal whenever you want to give your floor heating solution a sophisticated finishing touch.

• 12 different languages – cover many markets

• Compatible with existing floor sensors

• Energy monitoring

• QR code readouts

Choose between WiFi for full control – any time, anywhere,   2” touchscreens for easy integration in standard European frames – or the larger 3.5” touchscreen for an even more attractive user experience.

WiFi Thermostat - OWD5 and MWD5

The WiFi-enable version of the OCD5 touchscreen thermostat that can be controlled by an app. This cloud-based solution combines an updated version of the OJ Microline® Touch Thermostat OCD5 with the latest generation of the OJ Microline® app.

2” versions – OCD5 and MCD5

Both versions share the same technical specifications and intuitive interface – the only difference is the design. 

3.5” version – OCD6

The larger 3.5” touchscreen is ideal when you want to maximise user-friendliness.


Product Range

High-end programmable thermostats: the profitable choice for your business 

OJ Microline® 6-Event Clock Thermostats

Our premium range of programmable clock thermostats gives you thermostats that are very easy to programme, while your end users get energy savings and optimum comfort. This combination of comfort and energy savings is an excellent match for systems with a green/environmentally friendly brand position – and the OJ Microline clock thermostats will match even the strictest quality demands.

A quality product from an experienced manufacturer

When you choose clock thermostats from OJ Electronics, you can be sure of the quality of every product. They are made by experienced specialists in the field, based on tried and tested technology, so you’ll get no unpleasant surprises here. Incorporating this technology in your system makes great business sense – and of course these programmable clock thermostats will be reliably delivered to you exactly where and when you need it. 

6-event settings

Installing and operating our clock thermostats is very easy. A 6-event programme helps make the thermostat even more energy efficient, while the wheel-based animated navigation menu is intuitive to use for everyone. With these clock thermostats, installation becomes child’s play.

Pre set schedule saves installation time

The thermostat has a pre-programmed event schedule for easy and economic heating control.  The schedule fits most end-users, so installers won’t need to set up schedules from scratch every time.  This saves a great deal of time in the field, setting installers free to spend their time more profitably elsewhere.  

Clock Thermostat OCC4

Use this “all-in-one” programmable clock thermostat for electric underfloor heating control where you want to offer optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption. These slim clock thermostats have an installation depth of just 20 mm and come with many language options, making them ideal for multiple markets. 

Clock Thermostat OCD4

Has all the benefits of the OCC4 and comes with a built-in room sensor and floor limit sensor, making it ideal for renovation projects.     

Product Range

Simple to use thermostats of exceptional quality


Basic Thermostats OJ Microline®

Our simple floor-heating thermostats are ideal wherever you want basic temperature management – combined with an exceptionally high level of quality that ensures perfectly reliable operation for years and years. These simple comfort thermostats offer features such as a built-in double pole interrupter, night setback and max./min. temperature limitation to protect wooden and tiled floors against damage. 

Fits many frames

Our basic thermostats can be mounted in many different types of frames and light switches, which makes system integration straightforward. They come complete with a floor sensor. Thanks to their IP21 enclosure rating, they are suitable for wet-room installation, too. And their simple, Scandinavian design makes them easy to fit into any interior.

18 mm installation depth – easy for installers

Our basic thermostat is the thinnest on the market. With an installation depth of just 18 mm, installers will find it easier to manage wires inside the wall. What is more, the improved cage clamp design means that the thermostats slot easily in place. All in all, these simple thermostats save plenty of time in the field.

Pulse width modulation – learns as it goes

The OJ Microline simple comfort thermostats adapt themselves to their location. The built-in PI controller uses pulse-width modulation to learn as it goes, becoming even better at avoiding undershooting or overshooting temperatures. The result is more stable, accurate temperature control – and it’s easier on the thermostat, too, which extends its lifetime.  

Exceptional quality

• Tried-and-tested technology

• Minimal risk of errors/wear and tear

• Pulse width modulation extends thermostat lifetime

Product range

Digital Thermostat MTD3​

Product Range

Thermostats for USA and Canada

Intuitive Thermostats with built-in Class A GFCI/15 mA EGFPD

At OJ Electronics, we offer a complete range of thermostats for the US and Canadian markets. The wide range has something to appeal to everyone – from pioneering systems with full Wi-Fi capabilities to very simple solutions that are perfect for traditionalists. 

A reliable partner

When you choose OJ Electronics, you get more than attractive designs – you also get reliability in every detail. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our products that we provide a 3-year retailer warranty for the entire OJ Microline® series. And you can trust our ability to deliver, too: we have distribution centres in Northern America, ensuring that you can get your thermostats delivered quickly to any site in the USA and Canada. Should you want your thermostats delivered to factories abroad, we’re there, too.

Easy installation, intuitive interface, UL approved

The OJ Microline® series is designed as a plug & play solution, simple to install and with an intuitive interface. With built-in class A GFCI or 15 mA EGFPD and double relays, the OJ Microline® intuitive thermostats meet even the strictest safety requirements for electric floor heating. With these UL approved thermostats you are protected against  ground faults in the floor heating system.

Great for energy savings

The intuitive OJ Microline® series controls floor heating system very efficiently, thereby saving energy for end-users. This makes them ideal for green/environmentally friendly brand positions.  

Explore our range below. And do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

*Industrial Design:

USA - Design Patent No. D768092

Canada - Design Patent No. 161353

Product range 

UWG4 and AWG4

UDG4 and ADG4

UTN4 and ATN4





Product Range

ON/OFF thermostats – maximum quality, minimum complexity

Simple ON/OFF Thermostats 

For some systems – and some customers – what you really want are simple ON/OFF thermostats. And of course OJ Electronics still offers exactly that. These ON/OFF thermostats have proven their worth for years, giving reliable service to those who want the most straightforward kind of control. Here, users know exactly what they get at all times: they simply set the desired temperature on the knob – and, depending on the model chosen, switch the heat on or off on the switch. Pure simplicity that many still appreciate.  

Fits many frames

Our simple ON/OFF thermostats can be mounted in many different types of frames and light switches, which makes system integration straightforward for you. 

Proven, trouble-free technology

Using traditional, proven technology has obvious benefits for system designers: you will get very, very low field return rates with this basic on/off thermostat. The solution makes immediate sense to installers and end users alike.

Product range

ON/OFF Thermostat OTN

With on/off switch and temperature setting function

ON/OFF Thermostat MTU2

With temperature setting function only

Product Range

Cost-efficient clock thermostats

OJ Microline® 4-Event Clock Thermostats

These simpler versions of our programmable clock thermostats are an ideal choice for low cost systems while maintaining all the reliability you expect from an OJ Electronics solution. These 4-event thermostat timers are designed for underfloor heating, but can be used with other types of heating systems, e.g. hydronic heating system. 

Adaptive, automatic temperature control

These clock thermostats have a built-in clock function with a 4-event programme for automatic temperature control. Like their Premium counterparts, they are adaptive – the thermostat calculates when to turn on the heating to make sure that the comfort temperature is obtained at the required time. All settings and clock times are maintained if the thermostat is switched off on the built-in interrupter.

Clock Thermostat OCD2

With two sensors with dual sensors, floor and room

Clock Thermostat OCC2

With one sensor either floor or room

Clock Thermostat ICD3

With dual sensors floor and room. Distinctive design and interface.

Product Range

Thermostat covers in many designs and colours

Thermostat frames and covers 

At OJ Electronics you will find a range of thermostat covers and frames that can be fully integrated with our electric thermostats. That way, your clients can get exactly the look and feel they want for their thermostat interfaces.

Many designs and colours are available. Explore the four categories below for details.

Product range

Round Frames

Square Frames

Round Covers

Square Covers

Product Range

Sensors to match every application 

A wide range of sensors

We offer a wide range of sensors for various purposes including floor and room sensors for electrical floor heating and ground, gutter and outdoor temperature sensors for ice and snow melting.

Pick the wire type you need

Our sensors come in many different forms to suit different settings: stiff or flexible wires, flat wires, etc. This ensures that our clients can cater to many different applications and markets.

See our HVAC range for more 

Please note that we offer even more sensors than are shown here – check our HVAC range for more options.

Product Range

Universal DIN rail thermostats 

Simple, all-in-one DIN rail thermostats 

Our DIN rail thermostats are universal thermostats that can be used in almost any situation: floor heating control, saunas, frost protection of pipes and cooling applications. These DIN rail relays are solidly made and based on proven technology for years of trouble-free service. And, of course, they allow you to fit everything neatly onto DIN rails in electrical enclosures, cabinets and so on.

Product range

All-in-one thermostat ETN4

Programmable DIN rail thermostat with display. Can handle two sensors. Excellent for heating, saunas, frost protection and more. 

Simple thermostat ETV

Very simple DIN rail thermostat: just set the temperature at your chosen setpoint from 0 to 40 degrees. 

Frost protection thermostat – ETI

The ETI is similar to the ETV, but this simple DIN rail thermostat also handles temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Ideal for frost protection of pipes, etc.

Product Range

Ice and snow melting systems for both hydronic and electric applications

OJ ice and snow melting systems

At OJ Electronics, we have used our extensive experience with thermostats and sensors to develop a range of ice and snow melting systems that will keep pipes, driveways, roofs etc. safe during even the harshest winters. 

Save energy with intelligent sensing

Our ice/snow melt system will set in only when the outdoor temperature drops below the selected setting and the sensors actually detects snow or ice. This way your system only uses energy when it is needed. 

Can handle two zones simultaneously

Our ice and snow melting system can handle two systems at the same time. For example, you can use them to ensure efficient melting in gutters and a carpark area at the same time.  

For electric and hydronic systems

The OJ Electronics ice and snow melting system can be used both with electric  and hydronic systems, giving all system designers maximum flexibility. 


Product Range
Product Range

Round frames for thermostats

OJ thermostats can be mounted with various frame designs. The round frames from OJ Electronics fit all OJ thermostats in round design, and can be combined with all round OJ covers.

The range of accessories also features UK backing plates.

The frames as well as the backing plates are available in different colours.

Product Range

Square frames for thermostats

OJ thermostats can be mounted with various frame designs.

The square and rectangular frames from OJ Electronics fit all OJ thermostats in square design, and can be combined with all our square covers.

The square frames as well as the rectangular frames are available in different colours. Please view the product groups below for further information.

Product Range

Round covers for thermostats

OJ thermostats can be mounted with various covers.

The round covers from OJ Electronics fit all OJ thermostats in round design, and can be combined with all round OJ frames.

The range of accessories also features front flaps for the OTx2 cover.

The covers as well as the front flaps are available in various colours.

Product Range

Square covers for thermostats

OJ thermostats can be mounted with various covers.

The square covers from OJ Electronics fit all OJ thermostats in square design, and can be combined with all square OJ frames.

The range of accessories also features front flaps for the MTx2 cover.

The covers as well as the front flaps are available in different colours.

Product Range
Product Range
Product Range
Product Range
Product Range
Product Range
Product Range
Product Range

OJ Air Controls – a solution for every need

At OJ Electronics we have spent four decades providing and perfecting control for different ventilation applications. We are very aware that different settings require different things with the OJ Air Controls range, you can get it all.

AHC-3000 control system for compact AHUs

The AHC-3000 offers all the standard functions required by most of your customers – and pre-programmed add-on options makes the system entirely scalable while avoiding the costs of customised programming.

OJ Air Cloud® gives easy troubleshooting anywhere

A cloud-based system for AHU and ventilation control. With OJ Air Cloud®, all users have full access to the same, fully updated data, making remote support, diagnostics and troubleshooting simpler and easier than ever. Fully prepared for customisation and compliant with the latest EU data protection regulations.

OJ-Air2 flexible and precise AHU control

If you want the full benefit of sophisticated AHU control and simple handling, you can install our complete range of OJ-Air2 in your system. But you can also scale your system to match project specifications, picking out specific products and control features to give your clients exactly the level of AHU functionality and control they need. 

Product Range

Zone control for up to 125 individual zones

OJ GreenZone™ HVAC zone control

OJ GreenZone™ is an intelligent and highly efficient answer to modern HVAC zone control. A combination of master controls, modules and room panels gives you complete control of each individual room or zone in your building’s VAV system – whether that system is based on AHUs fitted with controls from OJ Electronics or from another manufacturer. With an OJ GreenZone™ zone controlled VAV system you can create and maintain the exact air quality and temperature you want in up to 125 individual rooms or zones. 

Control up to 125 VAV zones

Each OJ GreenZone™ Master is an electronic controller capable of controlling up to 25 VAV zones in a ventilation system by means of an OJ GreenZone™ Module. And you can connect up to five Masters in a fully expanded system, bringing the total number of individual zones up to 125. 

Zone control for energy-efficient VAV systems 

With the OJ GreenZone™ system we have combined decades of application experience with the most recent research on how to make VAV systems as energy efficient as possible. That’s why building owners benefit from major energy savings – up to 65%. 

Easy installation and clever touches

As well as drastically reducing energy use and CO2, the OJ GreenZone™ system offers easy installation and operation – for example thanks to its WiFi connectivity. We’ve added some creative touches, too – such as a unique beeper function that makes it easy for service staff to locate modules hidden behind ceiling tiles, and of course you can use your latest device to control your OJ GreenZone™ system.

Zone control made simple 

The OJ approach to zone control involves three components: master units, zone modules and room panels. The use of one or more masters ensures maximum energy efficiency in large buildings.

• Plug & Play

• Energy efficiency

• Reliable solution

Product Range

Drive solutions for any ventilation application


OJ Drives®

Based on more than 50 years in the HVAC business, OJ Electronics has developed drives for the ventilation segment through three decades. Our combination of high product quality and extensive ventilation application know-how continues to bring innovative, dependable drives to discerning customers worldwide.

The OJ Drives® programme contains the DV and DRHX ranges, which allows you to find an OJ drive for virtually any ventilation application – including air handling units, livestock ventilation, chiller fans, rooftop fans, plug fans, box fans and rotary heat exchangers.

The OJ DV drives – built for fan applications

The acclaimed, highly reliable OJ DV drives comprise 13 output variants (from 0.5 to 15 kW) fitted inside five different housings to match any rooftop fan, plug fan, or AHU application.

The OJ DRHX drives – the new alternative for rotary heat exchangers

The OJ DRHX range is the next-generation drive for rotary heat exchangers. Based on all-new technology, these drives are more accurate, efficient and silent than ever. Available from 1Nm to 14Nm with Constant Speed, Modbus Control or Modbus & Analogue Control.

For easy installation and integration

OJ Drives® is an application-ready solution that can be installed and integrated to fit your exact requirements. No component or detail has been overlooked in creating these dedicated drives. Drives that are quick to install, simple to customise, easy to mount and work in any condition.

Product Range

Accurate pressure transmitters for any application

OJ Air Pressure

The OJ Air Pressure range packs four decades of application know-how into smart, simple ventilation controllers and pressure transmitters to fit your specific application needs. This range has exactly what you need to monitor and control air flow and pressure. Anywhere at all. And with astounding accuracy.

Expanded range of pressure transmitters

OJ Electronics was the first to introduce the kind of advanced, easy-to-use and highly accurate pressure transmitters you will find in our PTH series. By popular demand we have expanded that range, creating variants that are ideally suited for a vast selection of applications. You can get pressure transmitters, ventilation controllers, pressure transmitters with relays and dual-input pressure transmitter from us.

Choose from pressure transmitters with:

• Analogue output

• Modbus output

• With or without displays

• With relays

• Dual input + Dual temperature input 

• Controllers – adjusting motor speed to maintain constant air pressure/flow

The entire range is a perfect match for the OJ Drives®OJ Air2 and OJ GreenZone™ product ranges. And for many other systems, too – ask us for details on how to integrate these pressure transmitters in your HVAC applications.

Modbus technology

Many products in the OJ Air Pressure programme are based on Modbus technology, making them very easy to install.

Energy savings

With these pressure transmitters and ventilation controllers you improve system performance: getting exactly the right pressure translates into system savings.

Reliable solution

OJ Electronics’ original PTH pressure transmitters set new standards for tried-and-tested accuracy and are used by quality-conscious clients around the world. 

Product Range

Simple HVAC temperature control

Temperature controllers 

Our standard range of HVAC temperature controllers are our simplest options and very easy to install. We offer several different models, allowing you to control temperatures in AHUs (Air Handling Units) for commercial applications and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems on any scale. You can explore our basic temperature control range below – and if you want something more advanced, we recommend our OJ Air2 system.

Extensive range for temperature control

The OJ Electronics range for HVAC temperature control includes:

• Air handling controllers

• Temperature controllers for DIN-rail mounting

• Temperature controllers for wall mounting

Simple installation, reliable operation

Turn a knob. That’s all you need to do to set these HVAC temperature controllers. There are no webservers involved, no sophisticated functions to remember – here, what you see is indeed what you get. And what your customers get is reliable, accurate control that lasts. 

Single-function control
The EFRP is our simplest temperature controller, used to control a single function – for example a single fan or heating coil. You can combine them with many different sensors to suit your application – and benefit from night setback, variable p-band and more. 

Double output control
The TRD range of HVAC temperature controllers have two outputs – ideal for when you want alternating fan control. Excellent for smaller commercial AHU applications. It’s got integrated frost control too. Combine with an EFRP-998 remote setting potentiometer to allow users to set temperatures where they are.

ETI – simple electronic thermostat
The ETI is a simple electronic thermostat with on/off function. Ideal for handling single heating coils. Use wherever you need a digital thermostat for 35mm DIN-rail mounting.

ETN4 – for extended temperature ranges
The ETN4 thermostat has an extended temperature range from -19.5° to +70°C, making it ideal for many purposes – including frost protection for pipes, cooling and more. It comes with a large backlit display


Product Range

Combined temperature and airflow transmitters


Airflow transmitters

Our ESF-35 series of electronic airflow transmitters is designed to measure the air velocity in all ventilation systems – whether natural or mechanical. These OJ Electronics airflow transmitters not only measure air velocity – they also measure temperatures from 0 to 50°C. 

Promote safety – and easy renovation

The ESF-35 airflow transmitters are ideal for ensuring that there is sufficient airflow in your system to allow your heating coils to switch on safely. And they are popular for renovations of older systems, too: simply drill a hole and insert one of these compact, electronic airflow transmitter for accurate, resistance-free airflow measurement. 

Choose between three versions

ESF-35-1 Airflow transmitter for mechanical ventilation – for high air velocities; with built-in relay function  

ESF-35-2 Airflow transmitter for mechanical ventilation – for high air velocities

ESF-35-4 Airflow transmitter for natural ventilation – for lower air velocities

Product Range

TRIAC controls for electric heater coils

Power and step controllers for easy integration with electric heater coils

At OJ Electronics you will find a complete range of TRIAC controls to control electric heater coils in AHUs. And you will find them easy to work with: each model is designed for easy integration with any range of heater coils for comfort heating. 

The OJ range of TRIAC control options includes:

• Power controllers with 1, 2 or 3 phases 

• DIN-rail power controller

• Step controls

Accurate and durable electric heat control

The OJ power and step controllers are engineered to give you several benefits, including

• accurate, noiseless control 

• long life expectancy

The built-in PID controller makes installation and operation simple, straightforward and reliable, saving you money on installation and power consumption. 
The TRIAC range starts at 1x16 amps (3.6 kW) and goes all the way up to 3x63 amps (43 kW).

EFS – Power and step controllers

To create a complete heating system, simply connect an EFS TRIAC controller to an electric heating element and a temperature sensor. Or you can use an analogue signal from an HVAC controller to regulate the power output for a heating coil.

EFM – Power controllers

Use the EFM TRIAC controller in conjunction with a temperature regulator to ensure very accurate control of heating cables or heating coils in ventilation ducts.

EFK – Power controllers

The EFK TRIAC controller is designed for wall mounting in a room. Simply position your EFK unit and attach it to an electric heating coil – then your installation is done. The built-in sensor ensures that the room temperature is maintained at the setpoint selected. And you can easily adjust that setpoint simply by turning the knob. 

EFH – Power controllers

Our EFH TRIAC controller has a built-in regulator to control the air supply temperature or room temperature. The temperature setpoint can be adjusted remotely by means of an external potentiometer. You can place an external temperature sensor in ducts or rooms as required. 

ETT – Step controllers

The ETT step controller starts and stops electric heating coils in accordance with demand. It is always used with a temperature regulator.

You can also use the ETT step controller with an EFS TRIAC controller for stepless, infinitely variable regulation of very large electric output power ranges. 

Product Range

All-purpose temperature sensors

Temperature sensors

The OJ range of electronic temperature sensors are used as signal emitters for electronic thermostats, regulators and thermometers. Many different versions are available, ensuring that you can get a temperature sensor for almost any application. For example, you can get sensors for installation in floors, on walls, in machinery, pipes, in tanks, watertight spaces or outdoor. 

Rapid response times 

Each of our temperature sensors (known as the EFT series) contains a resistance sensor element (NTC or PT 1000) enclosed in a housing of plastic or metal – and every EFT model has been designed to achieve the shortest possible response times. This is ensured by using resistance sensors that convert temperature into ohmic resistance. 

Choose between two different sensor elements

• NTC sensor elements are used for temperature ranges from -50° to 120°C. Here, rising temperatures reduce ohmic resistance. 

• PT 1000 sensor elements are used for temperature ranges from -50° to +165°C. With these sensors, rising temperatures increase ohmic resistance.

Combine with the housing you want

Either of these resistance sensors can be combined with different housings/fittings to match a wide variety of applications. Some of the combinations are universal temperature sensors, others are intended for quite specific temperature measuring situations. Explore our temperature sensor range in greater detail below. 

Product Range

Modbus temperature transmitters: digital accuracy for ducts or rooms

Temperature transmitters 

Our series of Modbus temperature transmitters allows you to measure and control temperatures in your HVAC installations with great accuracy. Available in different mechanical variants to fit ducts or rooms, the OJ Electronics Modbus temperature transmitters are very easy to install. 

Rapid and efficient response

Our Modbus temperature transmitters deliver the temperature data digitally via Modbus RTU technology. This ensures that measurement accuracy is not reduced by cable losses, bringing you highly reliable data. You system can respond swiftly and efficiently to adjust temperatures as required.

Temperature transmitters for ducts or rooms

Our Modbus temperature sensors come in two variants:

• TTH-6202 – for flexible installation in ventilation ducts, supplied with pre-fitted 7m cable

• TTH-6040-W – a stylish option for wall installation in rooms

Both sensors feature Modbus RTU connectivity and are fully compatible with advanced system solutions such as OJ Air2.  

Product Range

Air quality sensors that respond to VOC levels

VOC air quality sensor

Our VOC air quality sensors allow your air handling system to be demand controlled in accordance with the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. These air quality detectors monitor the air quality in ventilation ducts on the basis of its content of VOCs, which can come from many sources: people, furnishings, cleaning agents, building materials, etc. The air quality sensor transmits this information via Modbus to your chosen electronic controller (in e.g. PLC, BMS or SCADA systems), allowing it to respond accordingly.   

Converts VOC concentrations into CO2 equivalents

The VTH air quality sensors automatically convert VOC concentration levels into a CO2 equivalent, which means that you can easily use them instead of CO2 sensors. 

Compact design – flexible installation

Known as the VTH-62XX series, our air quality sensors are compact and easy to install. Choose between two different options: 

• Supplied with pre-fitted 7m Quick Plug Modbus cable

• With connecting box – attach the cable of your choice

The air quality sensors are compatible with our OJ Air2 control system for air handling units.

The VTH air quality sensors are ideal for:

• Demand controlled ventilation in air handling systems.

• Demand controlled ventilation in decentralised HVAC systems.

Product Range

Humidity transmitters for accurate control, with Modbus or analogue output

OJ Air Humidity 

The OJ Air Humidity range covers both general and specialized needs. Our HTH series of humidity transmitters are ideal for any application where you need a humidity sensor. Available in versions for installation in rooms or ventilation ducts, these humidity transmitters measure the current air humidity with great accuracy so that your demand-controlled ventilation system can respond quickly and efficiently to changing conditions. 

For more specific tasks, we offer our NVP moisture alarm relays as well as our EHP controllers, which are used with analogue humidity transmitters to control humidifiers and/or dehumidifiers. 

Measuring humidity and temperature – Modbus output

Our HTH-62xx humidity transmitters are designed for duct installation and are capable of measuring humidity and temperature. Data is transmitted via Modbus, and flexible length options make these humidity sensors suitable for ventilation systems on any scale.

Measuring humidity – Analogue output

The HTH 61xx range of humidity transmitters also includes versions with analogue 4-20 mA output. These specialized sensors cover a wide measurement range from 0 to 100% RH. 

Water leak sensor

The NVP is a moisture alarm relay used to detect water leaks and excessive moisture. Ideal where there is a risk of condensation or burst water pipes – and you want reliable notification.

Humidity control

The EHP series of controllers are used with analogue humidity transmitters (0-20 mA) to control a humidifier/dehumidifier. Combine in series to ensure that your environment maintains exactly the level of humidity you want.

Product Range

Products which are at the end of their product life cycle, thereby not optional for new projects.

Product Range

Controls for compact AHUs – AHC-3000 product range

AHU controller for smaller-scale ventilation applications. Here you get genuine OJ quality at cost-efficient prices: the AHC-3000 offers all the standard functions required by most of your customers – and pre-programmed add-on options makes the system entirely scalable while avoiding the costs of customised programming.

A simpler controller

Simple, straightforward controller designed for smaller system types such as decentral ventilation and compact air handling units – and it also lets you benefit from the equally new OJ Air Cloud® SCADA system. Here, OJ quality meets cost-efficiency. We believe that this will help you create even more competitive solutions – and reach new markets for smaller-scale systems.

Standard version – or add-ons? Pick what you need.

The standard version of the AHC-3000 will handle all the basic functions usually required by your customers. Where more complex functionalities are required, these can easily be purchased as add-ons. Examples of add-on functions

•  Filter pressure

•  Pressure control

•  Flow control

•  Power read-out

•  OJ Air Cloud®

You can add these advanced functions at cost-efficient prices: no customised programming is required, which helps to make the AHC-3000 very competitive.

Choose the connectivity you need

The AHC-3000 is available in three versions, thereby giving you access to flexible BMS integration. Choose between:

•  Standard version

•  TCP/IP version – includes access to the OJ Air Cloud® system

•  Bluetooth® – includes access to the OJ Air Cloud® system

Monitor up to 25 units with a single touch panel

When used with decentralised ventilation systems, the AHC-3000 enables you to monitor and control up to 25 AHU units via a single touch panel. For example, any alarms will show up on the shared touch panel.

Helps you create competitive BMS solutions

The ability to monitor multiple air handling units on a single HMI enables you to create highly competitive BMS solutions. We call this solution BasicBMS – and it typically brings savings of up to 92% compared to traditional BMS solutions.

Complete, flexible solution

The AHC-3000 is a fully rounded solution that combines a range of standard applications with the scalable flexibility of add-on options. No other equipment or programming is required.

Future-proof product range

Careful development and details such as the colour-touch HMI makes sure that you and your customers are ready for the future with the AHC-3000.

Reliability based on experience

The simplicity of the AHC-3000 is underpinned by many years of know-how from the industry, so you can be certain that it will perform reliably and efficiently.

We’ll help you reach your markets

The AHC-3000 gives you an easy, cost effective way to access the market for smaller AHU systems or AHU systems where fewer functionality requirements apply. To help you reach these new markets, we will support your product development and launch with a range of materials, including technical training material.

Product Range

OJ Air Cloud®

Easy troubleshooting from the cloud with OJ Air Cloud®

OJ Air Cloud® helps reduce downtime of AHU systems by enabling quicker, easier troubleshooting than ever. With this cloud-based system you get data logging, user-customised dashboards, easy diagnostics by means of visual graphs, a device view function, alarm notification via email and a user actions log. You can use OJ Air Cloud® via PC (Windows, Mac), tablets (Android, iOS) and smartphones (Android, iOS).

Better, cheaper support

OJ Air Cloud® improves your opportunities for offering efficient remote support thanks to features such as data logging, diagnostic tools and a user actions log. And your support services don’t just get better – they get cheaper, too.

What you see, they see

With OJ Air Cloud®, everyone is on the same page. This means that facility managers and service partners minimise the risk of misunderstandings in their co-operation: both parties can access the same data at the same time, giving them instant access to all the information required to discuss and resolve any issues – even though they are at different locations.

Be (even better!) prepared

Having advance access to details about problem sites via OJ Air Cloud® means that service partners can check everything they need to know beforehand – and arrive at the site fully prepared with the right components and spare parts ready in the van. Of course, this means that alarms can be resolved quicker.

Secured, encrypted connection

All data sent to and from the OJ Air Cloud® system is handled via secure connections. All data is encrypted, and the system utilises the most recent HTTPS/TSL technology. Your data remains yours and yours alone.

GDPR compliant

The OJ Air Cloud® solution was developed with the upcoming EU regulations on General Data Protection (GDPR) in mind, so the entire system fully complies with the new rules. This includes the option of fully deleting user data again.

Product Range

Flexible and precise AHU control

OJ Air2 – control system for AHUs

Controlling air handling units (AHU) with precision is crucial for proper performance. At OJ Electronics, we have spent four decades providing and perfecting control systems for AHUs. So we are very aware that different settings require different things. With OJ Air2, you can get it all.

Pick the level of control you want

Our AHU control range is about quality and choice. If you want the full benefit of sophisticated AHU control and simple handling, you can install our complete range in your system. But you can also scale your system to match project specifications, picking out specific products and control features to give your clients exactly the level of AHU functionality and control they need. Here you can choose between a range of master modules, motor controller, pressure transmitters, sensors and more.

Plug & play solutions

All elements in the OJ Air2 AHU control range fit together perfectly – and many of the products have Modbus technology, which makes cabling and installation a breeze. We call that QuickPlug™. But our Plug & Play philosophy goes further than that: With OJ Air2 controls inside, your entire AHU is transformed into a single preinstalled unit for remarkably easy installation on-site.

Energy savings 

OJ Air2 controls minimise energy consumption in AHUs in many ways, e.g. through efficient interaction with heat pumps.

Reliable solution 

With an OJ Air2 solution, all components of superior, lasting quality – and fit together perfectly. That’s why they will reliably handle every situation with ease.

Individual Zone Control

As OJ Air2 Master can handle four different temperature zones directly the AHU system is more cost-efficient than ever – and system integration is perfectly simple.

Easy Integration

Ensuring simpler and faster system integration the OJ Air2 Master has BACnet profile Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) with BTL listing and certificate. This makes BACnet integration simpler and cheaper for system integrators.

Product Range

Integrated pressure transmitters

OJ Air2 Fan IO

The OJ Air2 Fan IO is a combined input and output module with two integrated pressure transmitters. It is specifically designed to detect and transmit alarm and control signals in ventilation units.

Reduces risk of installation errors

Installing these pressure transmitters is very simple – particularly because you benefit from our QuickPlug™ feature, which ensures that you need minimal internal cabling and significantly reduces the risk of installation errors.

Where to use OJ IO modules

These IO modules with integrated pressure transmitters are installed close to the fan on a flat surface inside the AHU – often in a corner of the fan section. You can even place them directly in the airflow without problems.

With OJ Air2 fan IO modules you get:

• Two pressure measurements

• Two temperature measurements

• Control of one fan

• QuickPlug™ installation – for minimal cabling

OJ Air2FanIO – for traditional damper solutions

Use OJ Air2FanIO for traditional damper solutions and applications where the valves are controlled by analogue signals.

OJ Air2FanIO21 – for Modbus-controlled dampers and valves

Use OJ Air2FanIO21 when your dampers and valves are controlled via Modbus to prevent blocked dampers or hanging valves.



Product Range

Flexible extension IO modules


The OJ Air2 EXT series

Our OJ Air2 EXT-series comprises two different extension modules for OJ Air2 ventilation systems operated by an OJ Air2 Master. Our extension IO modules are specially designed and optimised for ventilation systems and come equipped with both digital and analogue inputs and outputs, allowing you to design more complex and energy efficient ventilation systems.

These extension IO modules are particularly popular in large and complex ventilation systems.

• Specifically designed for ventilation systems

• Analogue and digital inputs and outputs

Simple installation with Modbus

The OJ-Air2 EXT modules are connected to your OJ-Air2Master with QuickPlug™ Modbus, eliminating the risk of time-consuming installation errors and troubleshooting. All control and monitoring signals in a section can be connected to the extension module so that the QuickPlug™ Modbus cable handles everything.

Where to place your extension IO module

Your OJ-Air2 EXT module should be installed on a 35 mm DIN rail in an enclosure that corresponds to the classification of the installation location. These extension IO modules are typically placed together with the OJ-Air2Master or in a DX cooling section. 

The OJ Air2 Ext is excellent for reducing cabling in client-specific systems because the module can be mounted very close to heating coils, cooling coils, dehumidification or humidification units. In compact units, t your OJ Air2 Ext module can be mounted in auxiliary sections that allow for automatic configuration.  

The OJ Air2 Ext 45 is ideal for many applications, including cooling sections. It gives you access to all the signals and functions you need to control and supervise up to four compressors. You can also use this unit for general expansions of your input and output options.

Product Range