Tick the boxes you want.

The OJ Air2 web interface comes pre-programmed with all the functions your system needs – including, for example, five different forms of heat recovery. All you need to do to set up your system is to tick the boxes next to the functions you want – the software takes care of the rest. Nothing could be simpler. 

From expert adjustments to daily operation

The built-in web interface enables system administrators to set up to four user levels, allowing you to control who has access to what functions. We usually say that everyday users learn the functions they need in a few minutes, installers learn all they need to know in an hour, service crew in a day – and factory specialists gain full insight in just two days. You decide who gets to do what; sample levels are shown below.

  • Factory
    As a system designer, the user-friendly web interface lets you configure your AHU at the factory simply by ticking the relevant boxes and saving a file containing your customised application and system parameters.
  • Installer
    Installers have access to performing final on-site checks and tests – and to set user-specific parameters such as energy optimisation as well as fan, temperature and humidity control.
  • Portal
    The built-in web interface gives you an instant overview of the current operation status of your
    OJ Air2 units: a green highlight means everything is fine, while a red highlight warns you of any alarms.
  • Users
    Facility managers operate the system via the web interface or touchscreen display. The user-friendly design gives them all the control they need to ensure maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption.
  • Service
    Users at this level have access to system overviews and component status data, allowing them to instantly identify any components in need of service, check the situation and take efficient steps to remedy it.